members only login database login membership website members member site site lock protected php mysql database mysql website addon website add-on

Members Only PHP & MySQL Login Script

members only login database login membership website members member site site lock protected php mysql database mysql website addon website add-on

This website coding is good for any website requiring a members-only section of a website.  The site visitor visits the website and can login to view members-only pages after registering.  The information collected from the site visitor is:  first name, last name, email address and password.  The system will also stamp the time and date the person registers and store it in the database with each registrants record.  Please note, due to our support of privacy of individuals, the password field is not revealed in the administration panel as there is no reason anyone, including a website owner, would have any reason to view this private information.

When someone registers at your site for member-only access, they are sent a confirmation email to the email address they provided and the website owner is sent an email message as well stating that someone has registered and the record has been deposited into the database.  This script also provides an automatic mechanism for those who have forgotten their password.  So, once installed, it is completely automatic and takes care of itself.

The script uses a "header" and "footer" file so that customization and blending the script into existing websites is very easy.  This script uses a back-end MySQL database to store the registrants' information.  The script also provides a secured "back-end" administration panel for viewing records.  Validation is included for all data input fields.  Explicit installation instructions are included with the script.

:: Screen Shots
To see the free home page login table that is included with the software, click here.
To see the site visitor registration page, click here.
To see the member login page, click here.
To see the administrative control panel, click here.

:: Examples
A couple examples of web sites using this script are Visionary Sound Productions and Endless BeginningsPlease note, the web site listed here purchased a "customized" version of this script ... meaning we did custom programming on both the mechanics of the script as well as custom design to blend the member area into the site.  The basic price for our customizing the script for your site is $200.  The price goes up depending on the time needed and level of difficulty to create what you would like.

:: Server Requirements
GUARANTEED ONLY for use on Linux servers.  As PHP and MySQL both are Linux natives, it is strongly recommended that you only use any PHP script on a Linux server.  The script does contain explicit instructions for installation.  The script will work with MySQL 3 versions and PHP 4 versions.  Your server must allow PHP Sessions as this is what is used for logins; not cookies.  However, due to the simplicity of the operation of this script, it will surely work on higher version of both PHP and MySQL.

:: Cost
Self-installation cost is $59.00 and is download-only.  However, if you feel that you are not brave enough to install it yourself, we can setup the script on your site for an additional fee of $50.  Our installation of the script includes setting up your MySQL database and installation of all the necessary files, along with instruction of how to lock down the website pages you intend to protect using the script.  Why the charge of $50 to install?  Because, lately, we have found that some web servers or hosting accounts that customers have are not either setup right or have quirky settings that we have to spend time determining how to fix.  Thus, our charge of $50 for installation. 

Additional information can be collected from site visitors, and thus modification of the script, for an additonal fee.  Please click here to contact us for a customization quote.

After payment is confirmed by us, you will receive the script via email within a couple hours, during normal business hours.  Please be sure to provide an accurate email address for delivery and be sure to check your junk mail folder for the email message.

Payment Instructions:  When you press the "purchase" button below to finish the sign up process, on the next screen, if you do not have a PayPal account, just look for the phrase "Don't have a PayPal account?" and click "continue".  You'll then be able to use your major credit card without signing up for a PayPal account.

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Please make sure to read the requirements above for use on your web server as digital downloads are not refundable.  Please be sure to read our Purchase and Use Terms before purchasing.