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Beware of WordPress!

WordPress is one of the biggest economy-crippling inventions yet to come. It is just a matter of time before a hacker writes a script that crawls the web and disables all WordPress websites and cripples the world. Every day WordPress websites are hacked and disabled and businesses lose money.

Why You Should Beware of WordPress Websites

Beware of WordPress

Let me start by saying ... WordPress is NOT a real website! There are no physical web pages produced by using WordPress. WordPress is a dynamic, database-driven module that produces phantom web pages. Who cares? Search engines care and will not provide you with top-notch placement when using WordPress.

"But ... my nephew told me that WordPress is the BEST thing in the world to use to build my website." I bet your nephew is not an educated programmer with decades of coding experience. If you want to ensure your failure on the web, then listen to your nephew. Otherwise, read the REAL TRUTH about WordPress below:

WordPress Security

WordPress security? What security! ha!ha! That's a good one. With hackers around every corner, security continues to be an issue for all websites, regardless of how they are built. However, HTML websites are much more difficult to hack. If you go the WordPress route, it is just a matter of time before your site will be hacked and the entire website will be lost and have to be reconstructed in order to make it operational again. It is not a not a matter of "if", but "when". Your site getting hacked and imploding will cause you serious losses.

WordPress Responsive Design

Responsive design is a design in which the website adapts to the screen width of the device that is viewing it. While WordPress offers this ability, it's certainly primitive. It does not adapt to custom graphics that are added via WordPress Admin and the overall look of a WordPress Responsive website is really bad and cheap looking. HTML is 100% adjustable for screen widths and looks far more superior to the site visitor. None of the large corporations use WordPress ... which should be a clue that using WordPress is not good.

WordPress Bandwidth

WordPress is a big platform which means it takes up a lot of bandwidth. Simple HTML sites take up less space, are smaller and leaner. And, they load MUCH faster than WordPress sites, which can mean the difference in a site visitor staying or leaving the website because of poor performance.

WordPress Plugins

Yes, there are a lot of plugins for WordPress to make various things happen on the WordPress website. But, these plugins are quickly becoming costly, as most of them are no longer free. Additionally, you are stuck with any layout format that is provided by the plugin and have no ability to take away the "cookie-cutter" look of the plugin.

WordPress updates will take you out! When WordPress issues system updates, plugins are often disabled and cause your entire website to go down, causing you a loss and you are powerless and nobody to turn to for help. There is no support for freebies like WordPress and these cheaply-made plugins.

WordPress SEO

Yes, there's a plugin for WordPress that allows you to change the meta tags for the website. However, ...

  • WordPress does not create "real web pages", only phantom web pages. These types of pages are not desirable by search engines.
  • Proper SEO requires much more than changing a few meta tags on a website.
  • The SEO plugin markets its abilities, when, in fact, those abilities are a hoax.

WordPress Design

WordPress does not offer 100% custom website design, layout and color scheme. HTML offers 100% custom design. This is important so that a website projects a unique vision about its offerings, rather than a cookie-cutter, cheaply thrown together website. Brand is everything with so much competition on the web. It is ever so important to stand out and present yourself as unique.

WordPress Content Management System

WordPress is nothing more than a Blog that has been haphazardly converted for use as a website. It is a CMS, or Content Management System. It is nothing more than a MySQL Database with an Administration Area so that users can change the text on their website, or use plugins ... nothing more.

HTML build websites can also perform in the same way when a custom Administration Area is created and provided to the webiste owner. The user can change the text on the pages the same as with WordPress ... except ... a custom Administration is much simpler to use than WordPress's Admin. The custom Administration Area for an HTML website performs far more complex tasks as well.

The custom Administration Area is not likely to get hacked. If it does, it will not destroy the entire website like a hack that hits a WordPress website ... which could literally save your business.

Articles About WordPress

Don't believe us? Well, here's a few more links we often use to educate our clients:


WordPress has unfortunately been glorified over the years by all the do-it-yourselfers (DIY) out there. However, these DIY folks have no idea about programming and the way the web works and what is required of a properly built website to make it not only perform well, but to be enticing to search engines. These folks have no real knowledge of web coding and programming and merely follow suit with the other folks who know just as much as them.

Expect to not ever have descent search engine placement because search engines know when you use WordPress to build your website and you'll get frowned upon for serious keywords that are in high demand. A well-built website, not WordPress, will win high demand keywords.

If you intend to make a statement about your online business, then having a custom website built is the way to go. A custom Administration Area can be furnished for your website so that you can make text changes to the web pages. If it's a shopping site, you can also declare products in-stock, out-of-stock, etc.

An HTML website is the way to go for any online business that is serious about branding and search engine optimization. HTML provides real web pages and is the best way to go all around as there are no limitations on design, abilities, functions, look, layout, color, etc. Corporations that make it on the web do not use WordPress and you should not either if you expect to succeed on the web.

Don't fall victim to a web development agency that is trying to sell you a WordPress website ... you will be sorry! WordPress is the LOWEST QUALITY website impersonator out there.

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