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Custom Web Design and Development Company!

The act of purchasing, designing, building, constructing and advertising a new website is serious business!  College training, hands-on experience, self-training and sheer skill are what make this company different from other web design companies.  We do not use templates to build websites ... all our website designs are unique and relevant to your project needs. 

We build simple websites ... right up to very complex database driven websites.  Our specialty is 100% custom PHP and MySQL programming to create robust, database driven websites.  We also specialize in custom jQuery animations.  We offer many talents and skills for complete customization of your project needs.

Customer service is also a huge part of deciding whether to purchase service work from a web design company.  Our personal communication skills are what separate us from the corporate giants who employ individuals who are not serious about their work, nor capable of performing the work handed to them.

Why pay a web design company to build your website?

These days, there are a few companies out there offering "free websites", which are not actually free.  Why would you pay to have a website built?  Because, if you expect your online business to make it, you need to understand, those "freebie companies" cannot offer you professional web design.  Professional web design means:

  • We will develop a custom design for your business ... your own layout and color scheme.
  • We will develop your marketing brand, which is the graphic and color scheme people use to relate to your product or service.
  • We can implement search engine optimization for your website so that folks can find it, because if website surfers cannot find you, your online website will not succeed.
  • We can maintain your site for you, at very reasonable rates, and free up all your time for managing your business.  We can implement a content management system for you if you'd rather manage the content of your site.  But, we recommend you let us maintain the site so that the site remains looking like a quality website as often times people who maintain their own site, ruin the quality of it.
  • Own your website ... don't rent it!  You will own your website when we get your project complete.
  • Our skills will project a professional image for your business, not a sloppy put-together website like those "freebie companies" offer.

The biggest thing to remember if you expect your website to succeed on the web is that looks matter ... meaning your site needs to look good!  People will go elsewhere if your site is ugly and there are plenty of places for them to surf off to elsewhere.  There's too much competition on the web for you to not spend the time and money to have a proper, professional website built so you don't lose traffic because of a bad first impressions. If you need a web host provider, consider reading unbiased reviews of iPage.

Choose Designs by CM for your web design project ... because ...

First Impressions Matter!