About This Company

Designs by CM is an affordable web design company operating near Brookings, South Dakota, USA. We not only provide web development services to the US, but we have a strong presence in the United Kingdom and Australia as well. We have also worked in many other countries such as Sweden, New Zealand, Uganda, China, Canada, Mexico and Ireland.

Our company can offer customer service care that large corporations simply cannot. Our company's customer service policy is personal attention to detail. Whether you are an individual or corporation seeking to launch a project, we can help.

Purchasing, designing and advertising a new website is serious business. College training, hands-on experience, self-training and sheer skill are what make this company special. Our talent and personable skills are what separate us from the corporate giants who hire inexperienced team members or employees who are not serious about their work, nor capable of performing the work handed to them.

There are a lot of web development companies available to you and it is hard to know which one you should choose to bring your project to life. If you'd like a unique design for your website; if you want a website that actually works, looks great, is stable, performs well and provides good, clean coding; if you are desirous of personal attention and excellent customer service ... then you should choose us to bring your project to life.

Founder, Owner and Master Programmer

Becky Perry, OwnerBecky is originally from Florida.  Becky has been writing custom scripting and programs since the young age of 10.  She started community college in her 10th grade year of high school, attending at night after her regular daytime classes.  By the time she graduated high school, she was of University level college.  Though she started out with desktop programming languages and database creation and customization, she quickly transitioned to web-based programming as the internet was born and evolved.

Becky's specialty is custom PHP scripting created from scratch and hand-coded to meet clients' custom needs.  She can create custom scripting using PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML and JQuery.  Becky does not use any automated script creating software nor desktop software to create websites; she dreams up the coding and creates it from scratch.  The sky is the limit as she does not rely on desktop software to create custom web and database development sites, modules and scripts, nor does she use any frameworks for creating custom coding.

Team Members

Designs by CM has team members and sales staff strategically placed around the globe. We all work together to bring your project to life. It is our mission to create lots of happy customers and awesome, clean-coded, hacker-safe websites.

Mike - Accounting

IT and accounting aspects of business operations.

Guy - Sales

Sales and day-to-day client relations.

James - Copywriter

Writes original content for SEO friendly websites.

We offer attention to detail.
We offer personal service big companies cannot provide.
Responsive Web Design

We build all our websites
as mobile friendly.

Web Hosting Service

We offer 99% uptime
for our web hosting.

24/7 Customer Service

We are always open for
website emergencies.

Website Ownership

You always own the work
we develop for you.

Designs by CM is a subsidiary of Purr-fect Creations, and affiliate with InstaQuotes and My Script Store